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» » » june
6/21: Futaba and the Tree of Memories
6/14-6/15: Harder, better, faster, stronger
6/12: Promptography opens!
6/11: Top level for the purse gathering
6/11: Time with the tiny
6/09: Fuuka meets biker gang girl
6/09: Fuuka meets coffee dad
6/09: Fuuka meets a vulgar boy
6/09: Fuuka and Akira rescue Mishima
6/09: Fuuka meets a cat lover
6/09: Tiny navigator meets tinier navigator
6/02: Lightning Returns

» » » may
5/31: Lightning's disappearance
5/29: Shinjiro returns home
5/14: Fuuka claims she is Fine™
5/12: Fuuka gets strangled by Castor
5/09: Fuuka and Eikichi are interrogated by Leon
5/07: Ino punches a wall
5/07: Sharing some themed treats with Penelo
5/06: Rei returns home and Fuuka seeks comfort with Prompto
5/02: The search for Mrs. Bradley begins

» » » april
4/30: Noctis drops by
4/13: A date at the Flower Festival
4/12: Prompto's invitation to the Flower Festival
4/12: Eggs for days!
4/10: Dunamis with Juzo
4/03-4/04, 4/07: Spa Time and hunting!
4/01: Ignis, and also, a tiny dragon
4/01: Miss broody Brittany Lightning
3/31-4/02: Top-level for the camping log

» » » march
3/24: Prompto's thingermajig is done!
3/23: Kor is in the hospital, Fuuka panics
3/19: Saying hello to Mrs. Bradley
3/09: A talk with Shinjiro
3/06: Shinjiro arrives

» » » february
2/12-12/18: Open Log for Fuuka
2/11: RIP bed
2/07: Aranea yes
2/06: Harmless (???) psychic fun
2/06: Fuuka learns Aleph is a baby
2/06: Fuuka doesn't pay attention and bumps into Kael'thas
2/06: Fuuka seriously pay more attention you klutzs— oh hi Aqua
2/06: Fuuka gets excited over Sora's friend, Kairi
2/06: Fuuka meets a sulking Ravus
2/02: Prompto mourns the death of his camera; Fuuka is a nerd

» » » january
1/27: Ghosty not-fun times with Steven
1/27: Fuuka and Kor both miss their friends
1/27: Fuuka meets the ghost of Jade past
1/18: Lavieti excursion top-level
1/08: Dunamis with Kor
1/05: Fuuka finds a despairing Prompto
1/05: Fuuka finds a rattled Gladion
1/05: Fuuka finds a Yuri in distress

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» » » december
12/15: First “posting” on the crystalnet

» » » november
11/18: Top-level at the Harvest Festival
11/15: Dancing with Sora at Alvin and Presa's wedding
11/14: Also, Sora has a brithday party coming up
11/13: Also also, Sora invites Fuuka to a wedding
11/13: Makoto and Rei wrangle some animals and Fuuka watches
11/07: Fuuka meets Kazuichi in a sparkly duck costume
11/05: Crafts with D, how nice
11/05: Fuuka rescues a Jae-ha in distress from a terrifying, overbearing mechanical owl
11/01: Meeting with Jade (-1 arm) in the library

» » » october

10/18: Yuichiro checks up on Fuuka; also discovers telepathy really does work
10/14: Edna finds a kitten; it's cute
10/14: Fuuka is sad; Kor helps her
10/05: Zack plays a dangerous game with a canal
10/05: Yuichiro finds it necessary to carry Fuuka bridal-style
10/05: Top-level introduction thread

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 ((Note that Fuuka doesn't yet have a bird to take written messages, so any threads here will initially be a private telepathic conversation between Fuuka and your character.))
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Player: Rui
Contact: [ profile] gradient
Age: 23
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Fuuka Yamagishi
Age: 17
Canon: Persona 3 FES
Canon Point: Post The Journey

Not much is known about Fuuka's background prior to the game. The only thing that is explicitly stated is that she comes from a line of doctors, excepting her own parents, who are a bit distant to Fuuka. She used to be incredibly shy and easy to fluster, and because of this ended up getting locked inside the school gymnasium and getting trapped inside Tartarus. Once the team finds her, she joins SEES to repay them, and grows in confidence as she helps them defeat Shadows.

Personality: Lots of talent in a cute, small package, meet Fuuka Yamagishi. She was once a doormat timid girl who could barely stand up for herself, and as a result was constantly bullied by her friend Natsuki. Quiet, unassuming and compassionate, Fuuka never blamed Natsuki for her actions but only herself. Indeed, it could be said that Fuuka's immense compassion for the SEES team is what drove her so hard to better herself so that she could better help them. Even though she played a vital role in being the navigator of the team, she still wished to do more-- she mentions this a few times in game that she feels she contributes less by not being a fighter. So she picks up cooking with the intent to provide for the team... despite the fact that she has no experience and initially, the food she makes is absolutely awful. Nevertheless she is not deterred, and with plenty of recipe books, plenty of practice and a little encouragement from Minato, she ends up learning how to cook quite well.

As has probably already been made clear, Fuuka truly cherishes all her friends-- even Natsuki, who she bravely (and rather recklessly) ran to right past a couple of large Shadows while dodging their blows, and then protecting her from them and refusing to move, even though her Persona, which is not a fighter-type, could barely stand up to the attacks of the Shadows. Helping the SEES team is what finally allowed Fuuka to come out of her shell and become a much stronger and more confident individual. To drive the point home, Fuuka realizes that she has a support-type Persona because she wants to always stay connected with her friends, no matter what happens. (Uh, whoops. Sorry, Fuuka. Maybe they'll come later...?)

In general, Fuuka is sweet and friendly, but a little pessimistic. That pessmism has been improved upon since she intially joined SEES, but due to a low self-esteem, she tended to be easily discouraged (which is highlighted in her third rank, where she considers ways to improve upon her cooking, only to immediately dismiss them). Because of her low self-esteem, she admires people who are natrually confident in their abilities or consistently cheerful. Her time in SEES helps her with this, however, such as when she has trouble locating the Hermit full moon Shadow. Instead of going along with Mitsuru's idea to split the team up and search, she insists on finding the Shadow (since it is the only way she can contribute to the team) and does so after a few more moments of effort.

Fuuka is pretty easy-going and non-judgmental. Despite her low self-esteem, she speaks honestly and openly, and never really seems to have a bad word for anyone (the only exception really being scolding the boys after the hot springs scene). Towards others, she is compassionate, considerate, and to those who support her, openly grateful and incredibly loyal. She attributes all of her growth to the support of her friends, even though it was also her own drive to improve that contributed to it. Rather than blame others for their actions towards her, she tends to attribute the blame to herself (when Natsuki bullies her, for example, she attributes it to her saying something careless).

It is clear, then, that Fuuka is at her best when supporting and being supported by her friends. Though she still has many things to learn, especially in regards to becoming independent and confident in herself, she has made great strides since joining SEES, and is now capable of tackling something a little more daunting: an entirely new world.

Abilities: Fuuka has the Persona Juno, a support-type persona which allows her to keep in contact with others and provide supportive abilities (shown in the link above), even at incredible distances-- she can keep in contact with the team to at least the 250th floor of Tartarus while remaining stationed at its base. She can also detect enemies, and can even distinguish between regular people and persona users. Her Persona is called forth by the use of an Evoker, a specialized sort of gun that she shoots herself with to draw out her power.

Alignment: Peromei. Since Fuuka has really come to depend on the support of her friends, being taken to Empatheias will shake her core and force her to find new friends. Besides the overarching general "what is really going on here" and "we're all from different worlds", there's not as strong of a unifying situation like there was with the SEES team, so she will need to be more proactive about maintaining relationships, especially in regards to forming deeper bonds.

Other: N/A


Sample: [Fuuka was headed towards the Welcome Center to see if maybe anyone she was familiar with had arrived, when she noticed something off a ways. It piqued her curiosity just enough to wander over closer and get a look for what it actually was and oh my gosh WHAT IS THIS IT LOOKS SO COOL. She gives a little gasp and just about runs over (quietly excusing herself to people she ran by or heaven forbid, bumped into) before she comes to a stop in front of the vehicle.]

Wow... [She speaks quietly in breathless awe, a glow of excitement around her slowly increasing in its intensity. An excited smile warms its way over her face, and not a few seconds later she's walking all around the thing, leaning forward and peering at some of those gears and murmuring words of wonder quietly ("can this really fly...?" "oh, I wonder how this part works!" "this is incredible."), and that infectious excitement of hers is making quite the sparkle show-- though she's so intrigued that she doesn't even notice. And it's about that time that the owner asks if she wants to fly it.]

Really? Oh, I'd love to! [But the excitement fades, along with her light as she looks longingly at the vehicle.] But, I'm afraid I can't drive...

[But maybe you can? It might be a tight squeeze, but it looks like this one has a seat in the back for a co-rider, and Fuuka is small so she won't take up that much space, she promises!]

Questions: No questions-- but this is my first time playing Fuuka so apologies if the app is all over the place 'w'


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